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Pastures of very long duration with self-seeding annuals : subterranean clover pastures

Paru en 1998 dans Fourrages n°153 (page 139 à 146)

Auteurs : Masson P.

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Mots-clefs : pérennité, gestion des parcours, cultivar, zone méditerranéenne, fertilisation phosphatée, Trifolium subterraneum, trèfle souterrain, Languedoc-Roussillon

Résumé :

Subterranean clover may be utilized in the Mediterranean regions of France in various situations (firebreaks, orchards, vineyards, fallows...) and supplies a Winter forage. Persistency (thanks to self-seeding) of this annual crop may be excellent provided the sward is adequately managed.
A pasture was laid down in Roussillon in 1980 with subterranean clover cv. Clare, and it persisted for 18 years. It was either roller-chopped 3 or 4 times a year or grazed. The average production over the last 10 years was 3.8 t DM/ha/yr, varying greatly with rainfall. The sward comprised on average 43% subterranean clover. Condition for ensuring a good persistency include 1) a cultivar suited to the pedoclimate, 2) frequent use (by roller-chopping or grazing) so as to limit competition by other species... from autumn to flowering (to help seed production), 3) phosphate dressings of 40 to 50 units every 3-4 years, and as soon as the proportion of subterranean clover declines.

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